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Credit card debt has become a significant financial concern for many individuals and families. In today’s society, having a credit card is almost a necessity. It provides convenience, offers promotions and rewards, allows financing purchases over time, and helps build credit history. Credit cards also have greater purchase protections. 

You can swipe your card anytime, anywhere, and don’t have to pay off the balance immediately. However, this convenience often leads to serious credit card debt. As debt accumulates, it can quickly become overwhelming, leaving individuals buried under increasing balances and interest charges. For those struggling with overwhelming debt, understanding various legal and financial options, such as what is the statute of limitations on debt in Oklahoma City, can be crucial in finding a path forward.

Quick Summary:

  • Credit cards offer a flexible spending option with a revolving credit line that doesn’t need immediate full repayment. However, carrying balances incur monthly interest charges, compounding over time and potentially increasing the total owed significantly beyond the initial charges. These debts are unsecured, meaning they aren’t backed by collateral, but irresponsible use can severely impact credit scores and lead to legal actions like debt collection or lawsuits.
  • Recognizing signs of the coming debt crisis is crucial, such as making only minimum payments, maxing out credit limits, relying on credit for daily expenses without full repayment, lacking savings, falling behind on payments, resorting to cash advances or balance transfers, and facing persistent debt collector calls or being unaware of total debts. Missing credit card payments trigger late fees and penalty interest rates, escalating financial burdens. After 90 days of delinquency, accounts can be sent to collections, impacting credit limits and increasing interest rates. Ultimately, creditors may pursue legal action, potentially leading to lawsuits and further damaging credit scores.
  • In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations for credit card debt is five years from your last payment or agreement to pay, and this period applies statewide. Credit card agreements often include a “choice of law” provision, which may specify different state laws for disputes. If you haven’t made a payment, purchase, or promise to pay, you may dismiss a lawsuit. However, any actions will reset the five-year window. Even after the statute of limitations expires, debt collectors can still contact you but cannot sue you.

What is Credit Card Debt?

Credit card companies offer a credit line that you can use without restrictions until you reach your credit limit. It does not need you to pay the total amount consumed in a month. You can continue to use your credit card line as long as you pay the minimum monthly payment on or before the due date. And that is why credit card debts are also categorized as revolving debts.

Credit card debts are charged with monthly interest when you don’t pay off your full balance. Depending on your credit card company, balances carried month to month are charged with interest following your bank’s annual percentage rate. Interest accrues on interest. The longer you pay off your credit card debt, the higher the amount you owe will be compared to the original amount you charged on your credit card.

Credit card debts are considered unsecured, and it is not backed by collateral like any of your properties, such as your house or car. Banks have no hold on your properties that they can claim and sell the moment you stop making any payments. But it doesn’t mean you can use your credit card irresponsibly. Having credit card debts can hurt your credit score, creditors can start harassing you to collect payment, and if you can no longer pay your debts, a lawsuit can be filed against you.

What are the Signs You May Be in Credit Card Debt in Oklahoma City?

Paying bills can be stressful, especially when funds are limited. That often leads to a sudden need to cut spending, budget responsibly, and save to avoid running out of money. However, credit cards can reduce this pressure by allowing users to pay with credit instead of cash. This convenience can make it easy to lose track of spending until it spirals out of control.

Below are some warning signs that your credit card debt might be turning into a debt crisis. If these signs resonate with you, seeking legal advice from a credible credit card debt lawyer in Oklahoma City may be beneficial.

  • Making Minimum Payments: Paying only the minimum amount due each month might seem like a flexible option, but it can lead to higher interest rates and prolonged debt. Minimum payments barely cover the accrued interest, trapping you in a revolving debt cycle with increasing interest rates.
  • Maxing Out Credit Cards: Maintaining one or more credit cards at their limit is a sign of overspending. It indicates an inability to pay monthly dues in full and can negatively impact your credit score due to a high credit utilization ratio.
  • Using Credit Cards for Everyday Expenses: Relying on credit cards for necessities and being unable to pay the balance in full each month is a red flag for financial trouble.
    • No Savings Contributions: It’s a clear sign your debt is becoming unmanageable if you can’t save money after paying your credit card bills. Even in small amounts, regular savings are crucial for emergencies and retirement.
  • Falling Behind on Payments: Missing credit card payments leads to late fees and more interest charges, increasing your debt and harming your credit score.
  • Relying on Cash Advances: Cash advances come with high fees, unfavorable payment terms, and high interest rates. Using cash advances to pay other debts is a sign of severe financial distress.
  • Using Balance Transfers to Stay Afloat: While balance transfers can help manage lower interest rates, they also indicate an inability to pay off the full balance monthly, perpetuating the debt cycle.
    • Struggling with Debt Collectors: Frequent calls from debt collectors and avoiding unknown numbers out of fear suggest that your credit card debt has become overwhelming. Debt collectors can cause significant stress and embarrassment.
  • Unawareness of Debt Problems: If you can’t track your credit card spending or know exactly how much you owe, it’s a serious problem. Not knowing your total debt can lead to further financial issues.

What Happens If I Fall Behind My Credit Card Payments?

If you fall behind on your credit card dues or stop paying your debts, you can face serious financial and legal problems. Late or missed payments are enough for credit card companies to take action against you. 

Whatever your reason may be does not matter. They may charge you with late fees, impose higher interest rates, forward your account to collection officers, or worse, serve you with a debt collection lawsuit. Your credit score will suffer if you do not pay your credit card balance on time.

Late fees and higher interest rate

Your credit card company will tag your payment as “late payment” when you reach thirty days past your due. You will automatically be charged with late fees followed by a penalty interest rate. And the longer you go without settling your debts, the more fees and penalties you may incur. Credit card fees and penalties accumulate, and that may even be more difficult to pay your debts.

Debt collection actions

Your credit card company can send your account to the collections team if you hit 90 days of delinquency. You will receive frequent calls from debt collectors until you pay at least your minimum balance. Your credit limit may decrease, and interest rates on your other credit cards may increase.

Your credit card issuer can also sell your account to a debt collection agency.  That is also called a charge-off and creates negative marks on your credit report. Debt collection agencies are usually more annoying in collecting money and use scare tactics. They will call, harass, and threaten you every chance possible to get your payment.

Credit card debt lawsuits

If you are not paying your credit card balance, your credit card company or a debt collector agency hired by your credit card company can file a lawsuit to recover the money you owe.

Credit card companies can sue you for breach of contract. When you sign up for a credit card, one of your responsibilities is to pay your dues on time. If your credit card debt reached the debt collection law firm, you would be given the last chance to settle your balance. If the settlement attempt fails, the credit card company lawyer can file a lawsuit against you.

What is the Statute of Limitations on Debt in Oklahoma City?

Determining the statute of limitations for your credit card debt can be complex. Credit card agreements often include a “choice of law” provision, which specifies which state’s laws will govern disputes, potentially differing from your state of residence.

In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations for credit card debt is five years from your last payment or agreement to pay. If you’re wondering what is the statute of limitations on debt in Oklahoma City is, it’s important to note that the five-year period applies statewide. You may dismiss a lawsuit if:

  • You haven’t made a payment
  • You haven’t made a purchase
  • You haven’t promised to pay the debt

However, any of these actions will reset the five-year window. Even if the statute of limitations expires, debt collectors can still contact you and attempt to collect the debt, but they cannot sue you.

Why Do I Need a Credit Card Debt Lawyer in Oklahoma?

Once you realize you are in heavy credit card debt and can’t pay even the minimum due, do not delay taking action. The longer you delay paying your balances, the more interest it will incur and the deeper you will be in debt. Get in touch with a credible Oklahoma City credit card debt attorney immediately.

Scott Harris Law is a credible credit card debt law firm in Oklahoma City. Our lawyer has the experience, knowledge, and skills to resolve complex credit card debt problems. He has helped hundreds of clients get debt relief and achieve their goals of new beginnings. We can be your best option to finally overcome your debts and start anew with your life. As your lawyer, we will help you:

  • Evaluate your financial situation, including your income, expenses, and debts.
  • Provide you with multiple tailored fit options to address your debts.
  • Build a budget plan that could help you manage your finances – day-to-day expenses, minimum monthly payments to your debts, and savings.
  • Determine which debt relief option is most suitable for you.
  • Help you negotiate with your credit card companies or debt collection agencies and try to resolve your credit card debt through a payment plan or partial payment.
  • Represent you in legal proceedings should a lawsuit be filed against you.
  • Protect your rights and interests, especially against aggressive debt collectors.
  • Help you make a fresh start and rebuild your finances after getting debt relief.

If you are feeling hopeless and do not know what to do, start by dialing our number today. Speak to our lawyer and learn how we can help you get back up!

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