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Financial difficulties are susceptible nowadays. It might be the outcome of a challenging economy, whether it is of a family member, a small business, or yourself. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the best solution to your financial issues. 

While Chapter 7 Bankruptcy does not automatically reorganize your secured debt or allow you to make up on past dues, Scott Harris Law, an experienced bankruptcy attorney, can assist you in getting a fresh start by dismissing unsecured debt.

With over 10 years of expertise assisting clients with bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, and debt negotiation, we can help you at any point in your life. We will help you assess your current position and determine the most prudent legal assistance to get you through it. If you or someone you know needs a bankruptcy attorney, you may schedule a free consultation with us.

Why do I need a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Oklahoma?

chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney oklahomaThere is no doubt that filing a bankruptcy petition is a complex procedure. Bankruptcy rules are intricate, and achieving the best outcomes necessitates the services of an experienced attorney. Before deciding on a bankruptcy attorney, keep the following qualities in mind:

  • Ample Experience. You are more assured when you hire a bankruptcy attorney who has handled comparable cases for years than a lawyer that is just getting started. Because of their significant knowledge, they will find your case easier to handle. Dealing with a plethora of bankruptcy processes in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not something that should be taken for granted. Hiring an expert attorney will save you a lot of time and money.

  • Detail-Oriented. Aside from expertise, you should select a detail-oriented attorney. Every detail matters in every bankruptcy  case. To ensure this, look for a reputable attorney who is diligent.

When having a free consultation, you should know if he or she is organized, how the staff treats you, if you had to wait for a long time before the appointment began, and so on. Keeping these points in mind will significantly impact how your case progresses.

  • Up  to Date Legal Competence. The legal provisions of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law are subject to frequent revision. You should think about hiring a bankruptcy lawyer whose expertise is up to date and who has consistently practiced in this area. You may be confident that if he is consistent in his job, he is already adapting and aware of changes in the statutes.

Scott Harris Law is a well-known law firm in Oklahoma, OK. We are detail-oriented and capable of adapting to current rules and regulations because of our significant years of expertise. If you are seeking the best bankruptcy lawyer to handle your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, our team is ready to assist you!

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In simple words, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal remedy under the bankruptcy code that permits the liquidation of bankruptcy or sale of a debtor’s taxable property, with the proceeds distributed to creditors. It is sometimes referred to as a “fresh start” bankruptcy. 

The debtor is entitled to claim some property as exempt in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In exchange, the debtor receives a discharge, which implies that the debtor is no longer obligated to pay certain types of debts. Partnerships and companies, on the other hand, do not obtain discharge.

Who can file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

You can pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy if your average monthly income is less than the median household income for your family size in Oklahoma City. In particular, for a single-person family, your monthly income should not exceed about $4,286.25, and your annual income should not exceed about $51,435.00. You can be an individual, a company, a partnership, or another type of business entity as a debtor.

What are the benefits of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

  • You get a “fresh start.” When you abolish certain unsecured debt, you get a fresh start because you are no longer personally liable for the discharged amount. However, keep in mind that some debts, such as school loans are not dischargeable. Other sorts of indebtedness are also considered fraudulent. Some property liens, such as tax liens, mortgages, and mechanic’s liens, will remain after the Chapter 7 bankruptcy is finished.

  • You can keep your future income. Generally speaking, the property you will acquire after filing a petition for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is barred from being included in the bankruptcy estate. They are acquired as part of the bankruptcy estate within 180 days of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The property consists of inherited property, death benefits, property from a divorce decree or settlement, and proceeds from a life insurance policy.

  • No limit on your amount of debt. In contrast with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy does not limit the amount of debt you have. Regardless of how big or small your debt is, you are eligible for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy if you meet the requirements.

  • No Debt Repayment Plan. One of the most beneficial aspects of Chapter 7 is that you are no longer needed to repay the debt through a judicially approved repayment plan. You are no longer obligated to repay the debt once discharged under Chapter 7.


  • Debt Discharge Happens Quickly. In most cases, debt can be discharged as quickly as three months. The court can grant a discharge order 60 to 90 days after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court will dismiss your case immediately after the trustee distributes your property to unpaid creditors.

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Financial issues may be frustrating at times. It is critical to devise a strategy for repaying your debt and fulfilling your financial commitments through bankruptcy protection. If a law office is what you are searching for to proceed with filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and have debt relief, bear in mind the important features of a bankruptcy attorney.  It should have adequate expertise, be detail-oriented, and be consistent in practicing its profession while handling several bankruptcy cases. Scott Harris Law is a reputable law firm in Oklahoma City, OK that handles elder law, probate and estate administration, and estate planning. With over 10 years of expertise resolving Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, we are committed to assisting you in reaching your debt-free goals. File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy today!

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