Forms You Must File in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

chapter 13 bankruptcy forms

What Forms Are Needed in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing?

Navigating the complexities of bankruptcy can be an overwhelming experience, especially when faced with the intricate web of paperwork involved in Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. If you find yourself in financial distress and considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Oklahoma, understanding and correctly filling out the necessary Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms is crucial to achieving a fresh financial start. 

This is where Scott Harris Law, PLLC, comes to your rescue. Our team of dedicated bankruptcy lawyers ensures that the daunting task of handling Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms is easy and stress-free for you. In partnership with Scott Harris Law, PLLC, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

You will receive the guidance and support necessary to achieve the best possible outcome in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Allow our team to help you move towards a debt-free future and take the first step in reclaiming your financial stability. Read on to discover how our legal services can simplify the Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms, ensuring your path to financial recovery is as smooth as possible.

How Bankruptcy Works in Oklahoma

Filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma is quite similar to doing so in any other state. The bankruptcy process is governed by federal law, not state-specific regulations. Its purpose is to dissolve the agreements between you and your creditors, granting you a chance for a new beginning and financial relief.

However, Oklahoma’s laws play a crucial role as well. They dictate which assets you can retain during your bankruptcy case. Understanding these state-specific rules is essential, alongside other necessary filing details, to ensure a smooth bankruptcy procedure.

What Are the Mandatory Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Forms You Need to Submit in Oklahoma?

At Scott Harris Law, PLLC, our trusted Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney will handle the preparation of all the necessary forms and schedules for your bankruptcy case. Here are the forms required for individuals filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

It’s important to note that only individuals, not businesses (except sole proprietors), can pursue Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

  • Form 101 – Voluntary Petition for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy
  • Form 106 Dec – Declaration About an Individual Debtor’s Schedules
  • Form 106 Sum – Summary of Your Assets and Liabilities and Certain Statistical Information
  • Form 106A/B – Schedule A/B: Property
  • Form 106C – Schedule C: The Property You Claim as Exempt
  • Form 106D – Schedule D: Creditors Who Hold Claims Secured by Property
  • Form 106E/F – Schedule E/F: Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims
  • Form 106G – Schedule G: Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases
  • Form 106H – Schedule H: Your Codebtors
  • Form 106I – Schedule I: Your Income
  • Form 106J – Schedule J: Your Expenses
  • Form 107 – Your Statement of Financial Affairs for Individuals Filing Bankruptcy
  • Form 113 – Chapter 13 Plan (local court may require a different plan form)
  • Form 121 – Your Statement About Your Social Security Numbers
  • Form 122C-1 – Chapter 13 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period
  • Form 122C-2 – Chapter 13 Calculation of Your Disposable Income
  • Form 423 – Certification About a Financial Management Course (use after filing if debtor education course provider doesn’t file the certificate for you)
  • Form 2010 – Notice Required by 11 U.S.C. Section 342(b) for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy (local court determines whether you’ll file this with other bankruptcy forms)
  • Creditor Matrix or List – Provide a mailing label list of your creditors in a format specified by your local bankruptcy court.

What Are the Optional Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Forms You Might Need?

These forms may not be necessary for everyone during Chapter 13 filing. However, you are likely to require one if:

  • You are facing eviction
  • You are unable to afford the filing fee
  • Your spouse resides in a different household
  • You have enlisted the assistance of a bankruptcy preparer or lawyer

These Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms are:

  • Form 101A – Initial Statement About an Eviction Judgment Against You (if there’s an eviction judgment against you)
  • Form 101B – Statement About Payment of an Eviction Judgment Against You (if there’s an eviction judgment against you)
  • Form 106J-2 – Schedule J-2: Expenses for Separate Household of Debtor 2 (if you have separate household expenses for a second debtor)
  • Form 119 – Bankruptcy Petition Preparer’s Notice, Declaration, and Signature (if you are using a bankruptcy petition preparer)
  • Form 2030 – Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor (if you have an attorney representing you, disclosing their compensation may be necessary)

What Documents Do I Need to Prepare for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing in Oklahoma?

When filling out your bankruptcy forms, you’ll be required to gather various financial documents. Additionally, you’ll need to provide the Chapter 13 trustee with several of these documents at least seven days before the mandatory 341 meeting of creditors, which all filers must attend. Under Chapter 13, you should be prepared to submit the following financial documents:

  • Tax returns from the past four years
  • Bank and retirement account statements covering two to six months
  • Paycheck stubs covering two to six months, if you are employed
  • If you own a business, monthly and yearly profit and loss statements for one to two years

The Chapter 13 trustee may ask for additional documents concerning your financial situation. It is quite common for the trustee to request the following:

  • Your monthly mortgage or car loan statement
  • Estimates for the value of your car or home
  • Your marital settlement agreement (if applicable)
  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • Photos showing the condition of your property

Our bankruptcy lawyer in Oklahoma will clarify the requirements and expectations set by the Chapter 13 trustee assigned to your bankruptcy case.

We Can Help You Navigate the Complex Landscape of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Forms

Our skilled bankruptcy lawyers possess the experience and skills necessary to simplify the complexities of bankruptcy filings. We can help you navigate the intricacies of Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms with ease, ensuring accuracy and compliance throughout the process. 

By having the services of Scott Harris Law, PLLC, you can rest assured that your financial well-being is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on rebuilding a secure and debt-free future. With a commitment to providing personalized solutions, our team at Scott Harris Law, PLLC, will diligently assess your unique financial situation and craft a tailored Chapter 13 repayment plan that suits your needs. 

Don’t face bankruptcy alone. Let our dedicated team pave the way to a brighter future for you and your loved ones. We can also assist you with Foreclosure Defense and Debt Negotiation. Reach out to Scott Harris Law, PLLC, schedule a free consultation and discover how we can be your unwavering support during this critical time.

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